I am writing to follow up on our previous March post; A Letter to the Islands.  Here in the city of Portland we are happily settling into spring weather.  Yard period has begun and Frances will be sailing in June.  I am pleased to say that we have managed to find success in our vegetable delivery project, and that we will be offering our service to Peaks Island residents this summer. 

Summer farm shares may now be purchased through Cultivating Community's website

I encourage you to do so as soon as possible as they have received a tremendous amount of interest this spring.  I am pleased for them, and excited for us!

We will be able to offer this service for summer shares only.  July 5 - August 29.  When registering choose the pick up location for Peaks Island.  Deliveries will be on Wednesday afternoons between 1 and 2PM.  In purchasing a share it must be understood that receiving the delivery will be necessary.  Frances will be docking at the Trefethen in Diamond Pass.

On a final note, I wanted to relay that this delivery has no charge.  This is a project that myself and my crew want to take on in an effort to contribute something to our community.  Frances would have been a cargo vessel in her day.  I think it quite practical that she, and we, connect to our roots a bit.

Thank you for the continued support. 

    Back to port, Frances


Back to port, Frances